Communiqué of july 10, 2015



After a long and deep maturing process, I presented the early stages of the Minimalisme Poétique at the Villa Béatrix Enea in Anglet. The research period was very intense. Because of this, to see the broader perspective from my journey, I decided to withdraw myself from the media space for an indefinite period. The Minimalisme Poétique will come back organically in a context better suited to its development, with more peaceful and passionate works.




Communiqué of october 15, 2014


For 3 years, I researched two parallel axes: one about masks, personal mythology and another, more abstract, leading us to our spiritual dimension.
While the first one was exhausting itself in stylistic preoccupations, the second one opened more interesting prospects, both in space and in time. Openness became obvious and necessary to me.

As a new step in my artistic journey, I am happy to be invited at the Sainte-Eugénie Crypt in Biarritz from october 25th to november 16th, by the Rencontres & Expression association. On this occasion, I would like to thank those that supported me in my progression, thus contributing to the creation and take off of the Minimalisme Poétique.


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